Mar 20, 2004

hi   my hand itches  spring break was umm ok i guess better than gd chicago  geeze   do you know what they do in chicago for spring break??   NOTHING  no seriously they dont even HAVE spring break!!! omg and it SNOWS!! i mean REAL snow!!! up to your freakin knees!!! and worst of all.....its COLD like freezin cold   ok im gonna go um   go.

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Mar 6, 2004
this sucks ass

hey everybodddy guess what?!! im grounded    again for tha 3rd damn time in a row! gah this sucks   i might fail tha 8th grade soon if i dont get my ass hole grades up so yeah it sucks reallyy bad and i no there are ppl who are readin this who are pissed at me bc im grounded again but im gettin out    you watch me  ill do it too     
also ive been seriously thinkin bout movin in with my dad  so if u guys have any suggestions that would rock   and if u didnt no theres all this legal shit i gotta get through on top of everything else so yeah   well im bored out of my freakin mind  im gonna sit here and well just sit here bc im not even sposed to be online   oops  owell talk to me if im on if im not    call me   i love you will

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Mar 1, 2004
and im back

hey kids guess what im grounded     again   ms foxs student teacher called my house and so im grounded again    owell    thats tha way it goes  so im over it    to contradict myself   me and will are goin out now and its really cool so yeah i g2g    laterr kids bah

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Feb 21, 2004
happy bday to not me

hey im up so early cuz a gd house down tha skreets alarm just went off so  yeah  that party was cool haha i hope yalls had fun to! ino jackson did!!haha love ya jxn    and kam i want u to no that my shirt still smells like lysol    oh yeah and for all yalls info... me and will are not goin out    but i love him to death!!  ohhh ray bush is soo hott and i love her thiiiiiiiiiiiisss much!!! haha and so is claire!!                ok well this is really borin so ill ttyl  love you all  ><> ray

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Feb 14, 2004

gah i cant believe that crazy lady did that    mmk well ellen h. invited me and vickie to this lockin at st frances, rite well when we got there...we (me and vickie) were told that they were reeeally sry but summmmmppl would have to leave    yup just us   we were repeatedly asked if there was any way to reach our rents but i said no vickies stayin with me and her rents r gone and my moms at a party and i cant reach her at all   yet she asked us again if we could reach our rents to come get us   might i remind u that only me and her were even implied upon to leave   then we finally got sick of her and called my dad and he came to get us at like 10 sumthin   after tha crazy lady and the whole yout h group was gone cept for us   we went to my house and hung round and stuff   my dad now says hes gonna go talk to the catholic bishop and get the whole church to apologize to me and vickie for makin us leave and then leavin me and vickie (2 13 and 14 yr old girls) out in laurel at 10 at nite   my dads kinda    yeah but hey we did have kinda a good time   cept that i was sposed to pick between this and the pg show  so now iono if i can go to it   owell ellen this is so not ur fault i love u and thanx so much for invitin me   i love u summer and rachael and kelly and kayla and will and brad and matt and all yall it was cool ttyl <>< blub    ray  o yeah happy vday!! i love you!!!!

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Feb 7, 2004

hey kids im back from claires, it was awesome claire i love u. mmk on to biznis yeah well happy bday anna!!! haha and soon its to be andys bday also so happy bday andy!! ok well im watchin fuse now so ill see yalls at church or what not i love u guys oooooo takin back sundays on      ok bah

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Feb 5, 2004

this is coreys song he wrote   he thinks hes bad at writing  i think not   comment on him so i can show him hes good

So when can I see u again?
Do u know how long
That it has been?
I know u said that
We were just friends,
But I wanna be so much more.

I love to think about our first date.
Before u decided for us
To take a break.
The one when we stayed out
There way too late.
So what was it that made
That night so special?

I know u said that
We were just friends,
But I wanna be so much more.

Do you still remember when
Or has it really been so long since then?
The time when we more than just friends
And what do we have left now?

This is the last time i'll ask you
Before I walk past you
And onto someone else.
But who am I kiddin
I couldnt go on livin
Without, without you.
So I guess I am destined
Eternally bound.
Forever to be trapped in you.
But how can i fix it
I can't just accept it
Cuz I gotta move on
Gotta move on...

I no u said that
We were just friends
But I wanna be so much more

Do you still remember when
Or has it really been so long since then?
The time when we more than just friends
And what do we have left now?

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Feb 4, 2004

hey kids im bored so im gonna write in this thingy
ooooooo funness   ok well yall should go to the tandem show on friday at highlands pres cuz im gonna be there so u no its gonna rock!! ok bye   

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Feb 3, 2004
mmm hmmm

hows it goin kids . i hope u been doin good cuz i love you so much. i sry ray and other ppl who went to breakfast this mornin for not comin cuz i forgotted to call my dad and stuff so i will member next week i promise... happy birthday corey have fun bein an older kid ...or w/e. im watchin comedy central right now  its cool. ok bahbah ttyl  <>< ray

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Jan 31, 2004
hey yalls

suuuup i love you soOoo much. i cant believe my mom woudnt let me go to the show last night and i was so bored i really wish i could have gone but noooo. good thing my mom knows that im not doin my hw cuz i coulda sworn that i was sposed to no that before her....ooops. owell i have nothing to do today either so im just gonna sit and wollow in my misery, you know maybe play some music, maybe go to alices. iono ok ill ttyl

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